Basic Information

Name: Celeste Scamander

Age: 16

Hatstall: "Hmmm... You'd do well in Griffyndor, or perhaps Slytherin. Then again, you may be strongest in Hufflepuff. No? Well, I think you'd better be RAVENCLAW!"

Year: 6th year

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Family name: Sanctificetur

Blood type: Pureblood

Description: Dark brown hair waves with caramel waves, Turquoise/ blue eyes, Olive / tanned skin, Petite/elegant figure

Height: 5' 7"

Personality: Fierce, Confident smart, Creative.

Family History: My Grandfather is Newt Scamander, my Mothers family comes from the Noble house of Sanctificetur.


Early Years
I was shunned most of my early life, as rumors swirled around me being involved in a muggle killing. This was pretty much true. My mother had died giving birth to me, and my father gave me away as I reminded him too much of my Mother, I was adopted by muggles, even though I knew there was something 'wrong' with me. The muggles who adopted me had no idea about me being magical. I almost became an obscura, and when I was 9, there was an accident where magic burst out of me, killing 2 muggles. When I turned 11, I was sent a letter from Hogwarts, and I stay there all the time, including over the holidays. I don't need a wand to do magic, and I am filed as a danger to society. I've learned to control my power, but when I get really mad or really sad, sometimes I just explode. I put all of my time into studying, as not many people want to talk to me.

Middle Years
I made a few friends, including Juniper Castellanos and Nicole Diggory. They helped me with my social life, and I helped them with studies, not that they needed it. I grew to love Care of Magical creatures and Defense against the dark arts, and I discovered the room of requirement. When I walked past it, it created a room filled with books, and it has a large piano in one corner, next to a window overlooking the lake. I'm reasonably close to the squid that lives in the lake.

Later Years (Now)

I recieved 'O' in every single O.W.L test that I took. I continued to study all my subjects, and I am trying to gain a place in the Department of Magical Creatures, or become an Auror. I am still in my 6th year, and I am working my way through my grades. I am currently single, and I'm not really looking.

Family and Photos

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Roleplay Rules

No swearingI am under 18+ so please don't do any 18+ stuffTry not to ghost.Try to reply ASAP


Rosemary Bailey

House: Ravenclaw

Personality: Fierce, Competitive, Confident, Loyal

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